THE ART OF MARRIAGE: 10 challenges that will strengthen the bond of you and your spouse


Marriage is a spiritual coupling, with each party agreeing to embrace the others mind, body and beliefs. When two people decide that they are going to commit to solely the other person they are embarking on a mutual promise to love, respect and honor one another.

As a marriage ages and the couple begins to settle into a comfort zone there are certain behaviors that can rain on the march of a once thriving union; weakening what is meant to be an unbreakable bond. Disregarding your partner's role in the relationship can lead to him/her feeling undervalued. Your commitment includes assuring that each role is an equal asset. It is very often that a spouse may feel undervalued because they do not receive a positive declaration.

One key to strengthen a weakened marriage is acknowledging one another through appreciation. Marriage may begin in bliss off the wings of passionate courtships, but as the newness of nuptials fade the recognition you have for each other should not.

Do not forget that Marriage is also an equal partnership where both parties have agreed that their selected occupations (whether it be in the office or in the home) are valued as equal. The role each spouse commits to is important and is not valued above the other.

Each of you should recognize that one position is complementary to what the other half brings to the marriage table.

People love receiving gratitude. When we think of what gratitude means, we often associate it with the way it makes us feel. We feel present in the minds of others, important and loved. The feeling of be appreciated is a great motivator that encourages and promotes positive behaviors towards the one who is granting the appreciation.

Have you ever received a gift without solicitation or an occasion free gift? Receiving a gift without attachment is a gift of appreciation. It was not attached to an apology and it was not delivered upon request. It was an obligation free gift of appreciation without the expectation of getting anything in return. It is a gift of love, a testament of goodwill and thankfulness. This expression of gratitude is less about the gift itself and more about the intent to express your gratitude with action. You are telling your spouse that you value their existence in your life. You are saying that you do not take them for granted and that you consider their happiness.

“Marriage is not a self-sustaining organism. It needs love, care and attention. Participate in these love challenges that promote the elements needed to support positive outcomes for a healthy marriage.”


Things to Remember

Gratitude is an action that garners positivity for both parties. This week of giving is a starting point to encourage the act of a constant flow of giving and receiving love through action. Don’t let this week be the beginning and end of your giving. Continue to love in action. #Gratitude #loveinaction



The Challenge is to express your gratitude to your partner. Give your spouse a daily reminder of why you appreciate them being in your life. Below you will find suggestions of what you may want to do for this week of appreciation.


1. Leave a love-note on the bathroom mirror.

2. Place a card on the car windshield.

3. Have flowers delivered to place of work.

4. Get a favorite photograph framed and gift-wrapped.

5. Pick up their favorite candy.

6. Buy their favorite book.

7. Get a babysitter and take your love out on a date.

8. Give a back/foot rub.

9. Have movie night with their favorite movie.

10. Write a love poem.

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