"The Art Of Leveling Up" is a philosophy that focuses on personal/professional growth and development. It's a little idea that teaches you a framework which utilizes universal concepts and principles that help you learn to develop, and maintain skills more efficiently. 

In the course I discuss:

  • What is The Art of Leveling Up?

  • The 6 key principles that are the foundation of the philosophy

  • What are skills? Their importance and the difference between a skill and a habit.

  • Building a proper framework

  • And the importance of mentoring

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Leadership and Development Webinar: Learn The Art of Leveling Up

Module 1: Intro, What is The Art of Leveling Up?

Module 2: The 6 Main Concepts of the Philosophy

Module 3: What are Skills?

Module 4: How do you Build a Proper Framework?


Module 5: The Importance of Leveling Up and Mentoring



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By buying this book you are supporting a minority owned business and a combat veteran who is trying to make a difference. My goal is to develop a learning platform where I can help empower people with this philosophy and share my skills through online courses, lectures seminars. Every book I sell brings me one step closer to reaching that goal. So please support me by buying a copy today.

The book is available in paperback and audio download. The paperback is highly designed with custom artwork and illustrations made by me to bring a more personal touch and to help really bring the book and the philosophy to life. The audiobook is expertly produced and fully packed with high quality sound and a variety of professional music tracks for a more pleasurable listening experience.

Check the book out and see what I mean. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Promise :)

Hans Fleurimont
Author | Educator | Graphic Artist | Entrepreneur



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