Hans Fleurimont

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Hans Fleurimont was born in Brooklyn, New York where and he grew up with an appreciation for the visual arts. He first started drawing comic book heroes in middle school and from there he couldn't stop. He loved to draw and sketch whatever his eye could see. 

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At the age of seventeen, Hans join the United States Army in November 2004. He served for three years and ten months and specialized in field artillery as a forward observer. He was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington and he did one tour in Iraq. After Hans left the service in September 2008 he had aspirations of starting his own business.

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He created a start-up called Go Getter Enterprises. It was a company that focused on event planning and coordinating parties. His first try, as an entrepreneur didn’t work out as he expected and he ended up closing the business due to a lack of revenue. Hans didn’t let this failure discourage him from his goal to become a successful entrepreneur. His failure became a steppingstone and a learning experience for what not to do when starting a business.

In April 2009 he decided to go back home to New York City in order to discover himself and cope with the struggles of being a returning combat veteran with no job and only a high school diploma. Around this time he was separated from his girlfriend (now his wife) and their one-year-old daughter.

In April 2010 he began going to school at The Art Institute of New York City, where he studied to be a graphic designer. While he was in college for graphic design, he rediscovered his love for visual art. He started to experiment on the different kind of ways to use words as something visually appealing and innovative. Now most of Hans’ artwork revolves around the use of Typography. He also was able to cultivate his illustration skills and creative process.


In his career as a graphic designer, Hans has worked on over 200 design projects and has lead the art direction for numerous events and lectures. Hans has worked with hundreds of partners and clients, he has mentored several design students and his design & marketing skills are very well refined and high-leveled.

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Today, Hans is a husband and a father of two children. He is an avid kung-fu practitioner, a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a public speaker and he continues his work as a senior graphic designer in the field of higher education at Pacific Lutheran University. Hans has a passion for teaching and helping others learn how to master themselves. He has acquired many skills that he cultivated into high-level skills and he is now trying to teach those skills to others. He continues to level himself up everyday and he is a believer in the God of Truth and of Jesus Christ.