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One of the most important duties of a leader is to develop the people you lead. 83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% have fully implemented a framework for development at all levels. This is a growing concern for the future of leadership in our world, let alone our country.

The Leadership, Development and Kung-fu Seminar is a learning event given by Hans Fleurimont. The Seminar is specifically designed to share a philosophy that teaches people a framework on how to develop themselves as leaders. It’s based on Hans’ new book called “A Little Idea: The Art of Leveling Up.”

In the Seminar Hans will share and demonstrate the 6 main concepts of The Art of Leveling Up. He learned these concepts while learning kung-fu. After learning and developing himself using these principles, Hans understood how powerful they are and decided to write a book that embodied these concepts. His main goal in creating this seminar is to teach others what he has discovered through his journey of self-exploration.

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The Details

The Seminar is designed to be family friendly and a great experience for people of all ages. Here are the details of the event:

  • Hans will give a kung-fu demonstration as it relates to the topic but that is all. (This is not an MMA exhibition)

  • The Seminar is usually 1 hr long (it’s okay if they go over a bit).

  • They can be private or open to the public.

  • Very interactive and dialogue driven.

  • No screens or computers will be needed. 

  • Hans will bring everything they need for the presentation.

  • Food and drinks (if any) should be provided by the venue.

  • At the end of the Seminar, there will be a brief Q&A and then promotions. 

If you are interested in booking our Leadership & Kung-fu Seminar for your venue, please contact us. You can send a message right at the bottom of this page or just send an email to
admin@the-galerie.com. In your email, please include:

  • Dates and Times you would like to book the Seminar for (We will check our availability and get back with you).

  • A rough estimate of how many people you expect to be there.

  • What is your main goal for this Seminar? 

  • Any questions or concerns you would like to discuss before we complete the booking.

Also, If you would like a better understanding of what will be discussed in the Seminar, we encourage you to checkout our free webinar on our website. In it, Hans discusses The Art of Leveling Up and why it’s so important to learn about this philosophy. The free online course is only 5 modules (videos) long and they are 30 minutes in total video time. It’s totally FREE. There is no sign up required. Just click here for access.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you and your organization.


The Galerie Team

Hans is a Husband and Father of 2. He is also an avid kung-fu practitioner, a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a public speaker and he continues his work as a graphic artist. Hans has a passion for teaching and helping others learn how to become better. He has acquired many skills that he cultivated into high-levels and he has decided to teach his framework for development to others. He continues to level himself up everyday and he owes all his success to his faith in God.

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